Retrieving indexed component information in SAL 6 and earlier#

When SAL 7 is released, the field name for indexed components will change to salIndex from {CSCName}ID. The queries in the EFD client have been adjusted to use the new name when passing the index parameter.

A boolean argument, use_old_csc_indexing, is available on all queries methods in EfdClient that allows your to retrieve the old field name. Set this flag to True in order to get the old indexing scheme.

The TTS conversion to SAL 7 occurred June 27, 2022. However, the TTS EFD operates on a 30 day rotation, so the older indexing will phase out approximately 30 days after the upgrade happens. The summit, and by fiat the LDF replica, will convert to SAL 7 on July 6, 2022. Since neither database operates with a retention policy, two separate queries must be constructed in order to get data selected on an index spanning the above date.