lsst_efd_client.merge_packed_time_series(packed_dataframe, base_field, stride=1, ref_timestamp_col='cRIO_timestamp', fmt='unix_tai', scale='tai')

Select fields that are time samples and unpack them into a dataframe. Parameters ———- packed_dataframe : pandas.DataFrame

packed data frame containing the desired data


Base field name that will be expanded to query all vector entries.

strideint, optional

Only use every stride value when unpacking. Must be a factor of the number of packed values. (1 by default)

ref_timestamp_colstr, optional

Name of the field name to use to assign timestamps to unpacked vector fields (default is ‘cRIO_timestamp’).

fmtstr, optional

Format to give to the astropy.Time constructor. Defaults to ‘unix_tai’ since most internal timestamp columns are in TAI.

scalestr, optional

Time scale to give to the astropy.Time constructor. Defaults to ‘tai’.


A pandas.DataFrame containing the results of the query.