lsst_efd_client.rendezvous_dataframes(left, right, direction='backward', tolerance=Timedelta('20 days 00:00:00'), **kwargs)
Each record in left will be extended with a corresponding record in right if one exists.

By default, the record in right will be the most recent record in the past. The other options are the closest record in the future and the nearest overall.

left: `pandas.DataFrame`

The pandas.DataFrame to extend

right: `pandas.DataFrame`

The pandas.DataFrame to rendezvous with left

direction: `str`

The direction to search for the nearest record. Default is backward. The other options are forward and nearest.

tolerance: `pandas.Timedelta`

The to,e window to search for the matching record

kwargs: `dict`

Additional keyword arguments will be forwarded to the pandas.merge_asof function